The best way to find a 200mm shell is to search for it on the internet.

The Best 200Mm Shell

  • Novahobby 1/10 Scale RC Printed Precut Drift Racing Touring Onroad Car Body Shell Width 200mm (Lykan)
    Novahobby 1/10 Scale RC Printed Precut Drift Racing Touring Onroad Car Body Shell Width 200mm (Lykan)
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    This body fits most brand 1/10 scale on road drift racing touring car whose wheelbase is between 254mm to 260mm, such as Yokomo BD10, HPI E10, MST FMX/RMX, Tamiya TT01/TT02/TB03/TA04/TA06, Kyosho FZ2 etc. It does NOT mean it will fit just because rc car is 1/10 scale. Only size matters. Please check size carefully before placing order. It is printed by manufactory. Special paint gradient color, the body will display different colors according to view angle. Precut style, ready to put on. Simply make mounting holes or use invisible mounting system.It comes with accessories, which include 2 wings, 1 pair side mirror, window wiper and mounting screws. Material : Lightweight Polycarbonate. Width : around 200mm 7.9 , Wheelbase : around 258mm 10.1

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Sputnik light fixtures are still popular today, so if you’re a space geek or simply a fan of futuristic mid-century design, consider buying David Rembert’s 12-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier, which has a polished chrome body and arms supporting 12 spherical lights.Feb 13, 2022

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